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YouTube builds a paywall

So I heard today that YouTube is going to make everybody watch videos on a rectangular box that only broadcasts in black-and-white and requires that you have to get up off of your couch in order to change the channel.

No wait, that's wrong -- that's the story I used to tell my kids when I wanted to scare the living daylights out of them right before bedtime. Today's real YouTube story, according to the Financial Times, is that YouTube plans to start charging subscriptions for as many as 50 "channels," possibly as early as this week. These new channels will compete with Hulu and Netflix to provide high-quality streaming content, for a price -- in YouTube's case, $1.99 a month per channel.

Cable and satellite channels, which traditionally rely on a dual revenue stream model, are eyeing YouTube’s subscription service to generate revenue from older shows and new programming, according to another person familiar with the project.

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