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Yes, the PC is dead. What’s next?

Waiting for a stoplight to turn green on my way to the post office, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the score of the Giants game and see what was popping on Twitter. I saw a link to a Wall Street Journal headline: "Computer Sales in Free Fall." I clicked and read the first line: "The personal computer is in crisis ..."

And then the light turned green, and the phone went back in my pocket, accompanied by a furrowed brow. The personal computer is in crisis? How can that be? More so than ever before, everyone I know, everywhere I go, is tethered to a personal computer, even if we still call them "phones." We're addicted to the damn things, constantly distracted and interrupted and obsessed by them. We check them at stoplights, while waiting in line, in the bathroom, in the middle of real live conversations with human beings who are standing right in front of us. The personal computer isn't in crisis -- we are!

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