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Yahoo blows it again

Well, it's a start, I guess. On Tuesday, NBC broke the news that Yahoo, of all places, has now significantly upped its family leave policy. The company will now increase employee maternity leave from eight weeks to 16 weeks, and offer new dads eight weeks paid leave. It will also give new parents $500 "to spend on such things as house cleaning, groceries and babysitters, plus Yahoo-branded baby gifts." What's this, boss? A tiny onesie with a corporate logo on it? You shouldn't have! So yeahhhhhhh, thanks.

In recent months, Yahoo has not won a reputation as the most family-friendly of organizations, in spite of its new CEO, Marissa Mayer. You may recall hearing a word or two about how everything in the world was going to be different henceforth for working parents back when Yahoo hired her last year, while she was still pregnant. Instead, Mayer made good on her vow to power through her own brief maternity leave like a character out of Monty Python, popping out a baby while never breaking stride. True to form, by November, she was confidently declaring, "The baby's been way easier than everyone made it out to be."

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