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Would we ever tolerate “Breaking Muslim”?

While comprising only a small sliver of the American populace, Anabaptists exist in virtually uncountable varieties. Groups that go by the names Amish and Mennonite come in myriad variations in practice. You may hear the Mennonite tradition, into which I was born (on the religiously progressive end of the spectrum), described as “the modern kind” or “the ones who dress like everybody else,” even by our own members. Still, at my home congregation, it’s typical to see men dressed in plain suits and women wearing head coverings, especially among the older generations. My maternal grandmother, for example, dressed with traditional modesty, kept her uncut hair in a bun and wore a covering on her head. She was, I gather from photographs, a looker in her day and, from childhood memories, opinionated with a hint of a confrontational streak. Reality television would have relished the opportunity to “break” young Lizzie Yoder.

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