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Worst sex toy review ever

When tech evangelist and super-blogger Robert Scoble took a picture of himself wearing Google Glass in the shower earlier this year, Google CEO Larry Page was unamused:

"I didn't appreciate the photo of you taking a photo of yourself in the shower wearing Google Glass," he told Scoble personally at Google's annual I/O conference.

Why was he annoyed? Perhaps because the picture screamed: "Google Glass is for dorks."

Well, it gets worse. On Tuesday, Scoble filmed himself using Google Glass to "review" a new vibrator sent to him from Revel Body. Or to be more precise, he discussed how he would review the vibrator, if he should be so inclined. He did talk about the packaging, and how neatly the vibrator fit into its charging cradle, and how much he liked the nicely designed controls. But he didn't actually put it through its paces.

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