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The worst episode of “Homeland” ever

Nicholas Brody finally reared his clean-shaven, bounty-hunted head in this week’s episode of "Homeland," the third of season three. We finally got to see what has become of him since he said goodbye to Carrie last season, surrendering himself to life on the lam as America’s most wanted terrorist. And now that we’ve seen him, some people may be thinking: wow, I really don’t care what’s become of Nicholas Brody since he said goodbye to Carrie last season.

Let’s put the blame for that apathy where it belongs: on an episode that was ponderous, occasionally heavy-handed and an unsatisfying slog to watch. Was this the worst episode of "Homeland" ever? I’m still not sure, but I know that it felt that way while I was watching it. Even during some of the more preposterous missteps of season two -- like, say, the vice-presidential murder moment that forced me to reconsider my understanding of pacemakers as well as basic logic -- I was not bored. But this installment, dubbed “Tower of David,” was boring.

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