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Why would anyone want a Facebook phone?

Let's assume that all the rumors are true, and Facebook is set to reveal -- as early as this Thursday -- its long-awaited "Facebook Phone." This will be a mobile device whose home screen belongs to Facebook. Turn it on, and you'll be able to text, take pictures, check your news feed, update your status and perhaps even make free phone calls, all within the confines of an integrated Facebook user interface. No time-consuming extra clicks necessary to launch the Facebook app -- your phone will be the Facebook app.

There's no mystery as to why Facebook would want to launch a Facebook phone. Facebook claims around 650 million mobile users and Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly totally focused on adapting Facebook to the mobile environment. The more Facebook can dominate your mobile experience, the more revenue-generating ads it can deliver to you. The future of Facebook is inextricably enmeshed with the future of the smartphone, so why wouldn't the company want to have one of its own?

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