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Why don’t people want to elect economists to run stuff?

Two economists have come together to research the question of whether or not countries are smart enough to put economists in charge of everything. Their surprising conclusion: Nope, not really! There are hardly any economist prime ministers and surprisingly not that many economist central bankers, at least if we're talking PhD economists and not "guys who took an Econ class once."

At Ezra Klein's WonkBlog, Brad Plumer summarizes the study and asks, "why aren't more countries run by economists?" Here's why: Because everyone hates economists. Economists are the worst. They're usually very convinced of their own genius, though. And they act like because they use math, their "science" is more sciencey than sociology or whatever, but it is still mostly just a bunch of made-up stuff. If a bunch of economists had been running the world prior to the 2008 financial crisis the 2008 financial crisis would not have been averted because almost no one predicted it.

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