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Why doesn’t NSA spy on Wall Street?

Since early June when the first stories were released, we have seen a wave of leaked information drastically change our understanding of the United States government. Its activities in intelligence gathering have been shown to be much wider than previously thought; its relationships with major tech corporations have been shown to be much murkier and of a darker nature than was publicly known.

Its relationship with the people of the United States is on shaky ground -- revelations have been met with untrue explanations time after time, each exposed as false by further leaks. One of the few things we can say for sure is that things are not as they have been presented to us, by Republicans or Democrats. More will be leaked, and it’s hard to imagine the nature of that information now.

As many have documented, James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, lied directly to Congress about the nature of the surveillance the NSA was carrying out on American citizens, and came up with a series of story changes to attempt to justify them. It has been convincingly argued that he only dug the hole deeper, but those of us waiting to see him fired and prosecuted for perjury are still waiting.

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