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Why didn’t anyone help?

If ever there were a woman who represented the ideal of homey perfection, it'd be Nigella Lawson. This, after all, is the woman who jokingly titled one of her cookbooks "How to Be a Domestic Goddess," a woman whose television show "Nigella Bites" frequently ended with her triumphantly feeding an eager crowd (or just her two children).

So it came as stunning news Sunday when the Mirror's People page published a series of photographs showing the British food writer and television personality apparently being choked by her husband Charles Saatchi during a recent lunch at Scott's restaurant in London. In the series of photographs, the man's hand is seen extended across a table and around Lawson's throat. As the Mirror sensationally describes it, "At first he used only his left hand, then both. At one stage he tweaked her nose then pushed both hands in her face. Twice Nigella jerked her head backwards as if in fear." Strangely, soon after, she reportedly kissed him on the cheek. Another photo shows her apparently crying and visibly upset, leaving the restaurant. Police are now investigating the incident but have not launched a formal investigation.

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