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Why confused, earnest celebrities rule Twitter

There’s something a bit boring about stars who are good at Twitter. Contemporary celebrities, those at the heart of the culture, can count on fans following them and so don’t need to provide any real added value in the form of their tweets. Indeed, the very fact of their fame disincentivizes them from doing anything too interesting with the form (revealing their daily routines, cracking jokes), because the best-case scenario for a weird tweet from a superstar is a net neutral effect on their brand, and the worst is alienating their fans, as widely followed star Ashton Kutcher learned when he defended Joe Paterno or as Rihanna, a rare exception, keeps learning as she picks fights with lesser stars. Kutcher ended up turning over control of his Twitter to his management; the whole thing feels characteristically anodyne. No wonder so many huge stars like George Clooney and Julia Roberts eschew Twitter entirely, and widely followed celebrities like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift mainly use the site to promote their projects.

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