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Why are terrorists so often men?

"Losers" was what their uncle called them, and based on what we've learned since, it was Tamerlan Tsarnaev who fit society's measure for being one. Not that he didn't try to suggest otherwise. According to the Boston Globe, though "the older brother liked to look like a man of means, once posing for a photo in front of a gleaming Mercedes sporting a long wool scarf and white leather slip-on shoes," it was all an act. And anyway, it was his wife Katherine's long hours as a home healthcare aide that kept the family afloat, not Tamerlan's boxing prowess or the odd jobs he occasionally worked.

We don't know why Tamerlan and his brother blew up the Boston Marathon -- we may never really know -- but we do know that in doing so, they were performing a kind of masculinity that took control of the city through public destruction.

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