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“Where’s the female Woody Allen?”

If you're interested in movies about an ordinary women struggling with ordinary challenges, these days you're pretty much out of luck. Instead, at the local Cineplex, you'll be forced to choose between shallow, celebrity-obsessed girls on a crime spree, shy monster-robot operators who defer to their overbearing patriarchs, and neurotic Upper East Side socialites who gave up their lives for their scoundrel husbands.

In writer/director Jill Soloway's film "Afternoon Delight," though, we find Rachel (Kathryn Hahn), a wife and mother with a comfortable life who nonetheless seems uncomfortable with almost everything – her husband, her aimless days, her lost youth, the other mothers at her kid's school. To make matters worse, she feels terribly guilty for wanting more from her life.

But as easy as it might be to lump Rachel in with every other wealthy white woman lamenting her way through her charmed life, "Afternoon Delight's" portrayal of Rachel's alienation from herself, her sex life and even her own right to examine what's gone wrong feels fresh, intelligent and nuanced. Even as Rachel loses her grip and invites a stripper to live with her and her entire world goes haywire, we discover something rare in film today: a woman with relatable desires and flaws, trying desperately to get back some feeling she lost along the way.

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