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Where are all the female “Saturday Night Live” hosts?

This weekend begins the final run of episodes before "Saturday Night Live" takes the summer off. And with the season's final three hosts (Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, and Ben Affleck) announced, perhaps the show's bookers will spend the summer brainstorming funny women.

Of this season's 21 episodes, only five were hosted by women -- that's 23.8 percent. And of those five women, four had hosted the program before; only the omnipresent Jennifer Lawrence was a new visitor to 30 Rock.

This is hardly a new phenomenon: though there have been vacillations in certain seasons, seasons generally break down 70-30 in favor of male hosts. Perhaps this isn't surprising: not merely do women hosts on "S.N.L." tend to play pretty, anodyne "girlfriend" characters (try to recall a sketch from either of Anna Faris's episodes!) but the female ensemble on "S.N.L." has traditionally been very strong, so much so that even some talented female cast members have trouble breaking through. Why book more female hosts if they're not going to get much to do? (This isn't new, either: in the show's first season, eight of 25 hosts were women, including Candice Bergen twice within two months.)

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