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When the White House press corps cares about transparency

Finally, the White House press corps is exercised by problems of transparency under the Obama administration. The issue at hand is not, however, secrecy over kill lists or the extrajudicial killing of U.S. citizens. No, the journalists who surround the president are up in arms over transparency because they couldn't get close to Obama and Tiger Woods playing golf.

During this President's Day weekend, Obama joined the famed golfer and philanderer for a round in Florida. As the AP noted, "The White House, which has promised to be the most open and transparent in history, has prohibited any media coverage of Obama's golf outing."

Ed Henry, the Fox News correspondent and president of the White House Correspondents Association, released a statement Sunday expressing anger at the lack of access:

Speaking on behalf of the White House Correspondents Association, I can say a broad cross section of our members from print, radio, online and TV have today expressed extreme frustration to me about having absolutely no access to the President of the United States this entire weekend... There is a very simple but important principle we will continue to fight for today and in the days ahead: transparency.

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