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When Mickey Mouse fought in Vietnam

In 1968, celebrated graphic designer Milton Glaser (creator of the I ♥ NY logo) and Lee Savage teamed up to produce "Mickey Mouse in Vietnam," a one-minute short recorded on 16mm film.

In this underground satire, the lovable Mickey stuffs his over-sized ears into an army helmet, grabs a rifle and bayonet, and sets off for 'Nam on a ship that spews puffy cartoon clouds out of a Titanic-style smokestack.

Upon arrival, Mickey Mouse follows a conveniently-placed signpost arrow that reads "Warzone" into a field of tall grass. He meets his sudden and tragic death at the hands of an invisible bullet before collapsing in slow motion.

As a trickle of black blood escapes from the swiss-cheese bullet wound on his forehead like a tear, the screen unceremoniously fades to black.

As you can see, the production value of this unofficial Mickey short is only slightly higher than that of your average episode of Dr. Who.

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