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What it’s like to be a red carpet reporter at Sundance

Members of the press began to shuffle into the Eccles Center at Park City’s Eccles High School at 2 PM, an hour and a half ahead of the Sundance premiere of John Slattery’s directorial debut film, “God’s Pocket.” Eventually at least 100 people toting cameras, backpacks, heavy sweaters, coats, extension cords, recording devices and note pads would be crammed in between the wall and a rope that sectioned them off from the five or ten celebrities who’d walk through later.

Unbeknownst to me -- but well-known to every other reporter who has done this before -- there is a hierarchy in this line based on what medium you work for. Print (online is considered “print”) is in the back. Video, even for smallish web sites, is king, and people with huge cameras and tripods get the prime real estate at the beginning of the line.

A publicist taped 8.5’’ by 11’’ printer paper on the floor with the names of our outlets, where we were to stand for the next hour or so. There must have been at least 40 pieces of paper on the floor, each about an inch or two apart -- bad news for anyone who was more than 11’’ wide.

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