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What a gorilla can teach us about fighting sexism

Our great lessons in how to behave can come from the most unexpected sources. This week: Pay attention to an animal in a zoo. An actor on the stage. They can teach us about our attitudes toward women.

On Monday, the Dallas Zoo announced that it was moving Patrick, a "gregarious" 430-pound Western lowland gorilla, to Columbia, S.C.'s Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens to have a little solo time till he works out his personality issues. If only all sexist, aggressive apes could be similarly dealt with. Is there room at that zoo for YouTube commenters?

As NBC news reports, Patrick gets along well with humans but has problems with his bro gorillas -- and flat-out conflicts with females. Zoo officials had hoped he'd settle down and breed, but instead his dating efforts went flat when "he bit one female and sneered and nipped at others." Lynn Kramer, the zoo’s deputy director, told the Dallas Morning News this week that Patrick was introduced to two prospective partners a few years ago, but "He figured out that he was twice their size and began exerting more dominance." Eventually the females "became so stressed they couldn't eat" and "began avoiding him at all costs." They were moved to separate quarters a few months ago.

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