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What big secret did a 4-star General reveal?

As a number of news outlets reported last night, retired Marine General James Cartwright is the latest government insider to be targeted by the Obama Administration’s aggressive pursuit of leakers. Cartwright, a four star general who until 2011 served as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reportedly received notice from the Department of Justice he is a target in the investigation into the source for David Sanger’s 2012 reports on the StuxNet virus the U.S. and Israel used to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program.

Most reports on the news have focused on Cartwright’s seniority, though Cartwright is not the only high-ranking retired general under such investigation. (As recently as April, an investigation into retired CIA Director and four star General David Petraeus’ handling of classified information remained active.) Few, however, have considered how odd this particular leak investigation is. This investigation presumably is not about StuxNet itself, nor about U.S. and Israeli involvement in it. So what is the secret Cartwright allegedly revealed?

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