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What anti-LGBT activists say “off the record”

Anti-gay rights organizations like the National Organization for Marriage tend to rely on prepared statements about "family values" and "traditional marriage" to justify their opposition to full LGBT equality, but a recent look at a listserv for Christian activists in the "ex-gay" movement reveals how candid they become once off the record.

Alan Chambers of Exodus International is trying to sanitize his organization's reputation by softening its rhetoric about "curing" gay people, and wants to see others in the movement do the same. Chambers recently invited writer and gay rights activist Jeremy Hooper to join a listserv of 70 socially conservative activists in an effort to expose the violent rhetoric circulating among others in the anti-LGBT equality movement.

As reported by Hooper and ThinkProgress, Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute didn't react well to Hooper's presence on the list:

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