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What about Rob Portman’s daughter?

The analogies started rolling out minutes after Ohio publications went live with the news that Senator Rob Portman now supports marriage equality because of his gay son. "Rob Portman comes out as vegetarian after watching Babe on DVD," joked one Tweeter. On a more serious note, Steve Benen commented that he'd be happy to introduce Portman to Americans in poverty and to the African-Americans whose votes Republicans are seeking to suppress. He concluded, "It seems the key to American social progress in the 21st century is simple: more conservatives having more life experiences."

But here is a life experience Portman already has: He is married to a woman. He has a daughter. So do lots of people who oppose safe and legal abortion and better access to contraception. Some of them are even women. When it comes to reproductive rights, it appears, social empathy goes only so far.

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