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Wendy Davis v. Rick Perry?

It seemed a strange convergence early Wednesday morning: On the same day the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis pulled off a heroic filibuster that ultimately defeated draconian anti-abortion legislation – and yet she could be a victim of that court decision, as state Republicans moved ahead with redistricting plans blocked in 2012 that could effectively eliminate her seat, even while she was filibustering.

I certainly think that voting rights and women’s rights activism ought to converge in Texas to make sure Davis keeps her seat, if she wants it. But Wednesday night I began to dream there might be an even better test for those two movements: Backing Davis in a run against Texas’s forgetful, pandering far-right governor Rick Perry.

Personally I thought Perry shamed himself with his slapdash run for president, but lots of people think it made him stronger at least on the right. Whatever. It certainly made national Democrats more aware of what Texans are living with. Wendy Davis’s filibuster made us more aware of the state’s progressive promise.

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