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Wendy Davis can’t lose in 2014 — no matter the outcome

It’s not the job of outsiders to tell people what to do with their political careers. But if Wendy Davis asked my advice about whether she should throw her famous shoes into the ring for governor of Texas in 2014, I’d tell her: absolutely. If she wants the job, she should go for it. No matter what happens, it will likely help her.

Why is it even a question? Well, because the odds are strong that she’ll lose. Indeed, election analyst Harry Enten suggested that those calling on her to run “don't understand how conservative Texas is – or how little impact Davis' stand actually made in the state.”  And he’s right. Texas is a solid Republican state, and Davis would have little chance of winning.

Then, why should she run?

First of all: Flukes happen, but they only happen for people who are standing in the right place. Just like Mark Begich, Democratic senator from Republican Alaska. Or Mark Kirk, Republican senator from Democratic Illinois. And there are even more in statehouses; Arkansas, Kentucky and Montana all have Democratic governors right now, while several two-time Obama states elected Republican governors in 2010. Or, fairly recently, consider George Pataki in New York, Linda Lingle in Hawaii, or a series of Republican governors in Massachusetts, including Mitt Romney.

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