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We shall no longer be “Enlightened”

HBO canceled Mike White’s “Enlightened” last night, opting not to pick up the show and Laura Dern's indelible Amy Jellicoe for a third season. Despite being singular and truly great — lyrical, searching, tough, thematically and tonally not like anything else on TV — the show never attracted much of an audience, a figure that HBO doesn’t always care about, but sometimes does. A little over 200,000 people watched each episode of “Enlightened.” For those of us who spend time in certain pop-culture-minded corners of the internet, reading about TV, it seemed that despite this very paltry number, “Enlightened” was gaining momentum. Certainly Mike White was doing everything he could to make a third season happen. (Hope White’s doing okay. His interviews hustling for a show pick-up were full of sweetness and so, so much anxiety: "I'm afraid this will be the best thing I ever do. I think it will be. That it might be over is sad.”) But it wasn’t enough.

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