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We need to protect mimimum wage contractors

The NYT has a resonant editorial this morning about the need for an executive order to improve the quality of jobs among federal contractors.

These days, when I say “federal contractor,” you think Edward Snowden.  And it turns out there are lots of them doing highly classified work for which they are handsomely paid.  They are not the folks we’re talking about here.  The workers who would benefit from the EO suggested by the NYT, and in an earlier post by yours truly, clean federal buildings, sell food, sew uniforms for the armed services, provide security services, and so on.  They’re members of the low-wage work force.

The president, to his credit, has been on the stump for a minimum wage increase to help reach these workers, and that’s a better way to fight this problem, because it cuts across all industries.  But Congress isn’t listening, and thus he’s been clear and strong on this point: if Congress won’t help, I’ll do what I can through EOs.

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