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“We don’t talk to media but we are black bloc”

In early 2012, when Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges called "black bloc anarchists" the "cancer of the Occupy movement," his remarks were swiftlycondemned by many. First and foremost critics were swift to point out that "black bloc anarchists"are not a group -- the black bloc is a protest tactic, which has often been employed by anarchists, involving the collective donning of unidentifiable black clothing and masks so as to move through the streets as a unified, anonymous mass.

What better proof that there is no one black bloc group or organization than the emergence in recent days of black blocs in Egypt's protest-filled streets? As the AP reported, "youths with faces hidden under black masks have appeared among stone-throwing protesters in clashes with police around Egypt the past five days in the wave of political violence that has shaken the country. During protests in Cairo on Monday, masked youths celebrated around a police armored vehicle in flames in the middle of Tahrir Square, waving their hands in V-for-victory signs."

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