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We are not one nation under Twitter

Don’t get me wrong: I like Twitter. It’s a nifty communications tool. But I fail to see that it’s much of a business — just like quite a few other things Silicon Valley has come up with.

Just ask yourself this question: Other than large corporations, who would actually pay money to send out tweets? And generating revenues via advertising will soon become a real nuisance on the small screen.

So this option is a very limited money-making option as well, lest the service make itself more trouble than it’s worth to users.

Lest I call be called a technophobe or moron, of course I know the officially sanctioned mantra. It goes like this: There is technology and then there is applied technology. The technology has been invented and there are no great breakthroughs on the horizon. Technology has become commoditized. It is manufactured in Chinese sweatshops.

In contrast to downtrodden China, glorious America – aka Silicon Valley – supposedly now stands on the precipice of a revolution in which the now-cheap technology will be applied to more and more expansive uses.

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