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We are all “Breaking Bad” truthers now

The season finale of “Breaking Bad” has been a national topic of conversation since the final season began in August, and on Sunday night, over 10 million people tuned into AMC to watch Walter White's curtain call. Before the much-anticipated “Felina,” pop-culture critics and bloggers were making bold predictions on the outcome. Betting pools were created over who would survive, and bars all over the country held viewing parties.

This type of pandemonium and anticipation led to some compelling, wild and amusing finale-episode theories. One theory held (likely in jest) that Walter White would wear a wire for the DEA, and Walt and his family would join the witness protection program, which would force Walt and his family into witness protection and serve as the beginning of “Malcolm in the Middle.” Another posited that since Skyler’s maiden name shows up on the fake ID Walt shows to the waitress in the diner on his 52nd birthday, “Walt is going to murder Skyler...and it probably had already happened before he showed up at the Denny’s in the season 5 cold open."

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