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Watch: Mitt Romney plans his concession speech in trailer for new campaign documentary

On January 24, Netflix is to drop its documentary "Mitt," the product of six years of exclusive access to the Romney camp leading up to the 2012 election. Its trailer, released today, depicts a Mitt Romney filled with doubt over changes of opinion in his past; he describes himself as "the flipping Mormon" and tells his family, "It's like trying to convince people that Dan Quayle is smart. You're not going to convince them that Dan Quayle is smart. And maybe I've got to live with that. 'Oh, you flip on everything.' In which case, I think I'm a flawed candidate." The fatalistic mood continues throughout the trailer, with Ann Romney saying she wouldn't repeat the campaign experience and Romney robotically ironing a suit while it's on his body, intoning "Ouch."

What's most compelling about the trailer, though, comes after Romney has learned all too well he's a flawed candidate. "What do you think you say in a concession speech?" he asks his solemn family, then laughs grimly as he realizes he doesn't have President Obama's phone number.

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