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Watch: Lena Dunham as Jessica Chastain in “Zero Dark Thirty”?

It's a rare parody YouTube video that hits the mark -- especially in the genre of mashing up two popular and widely discussed topics.

And yet, somehow, Lena Dunham's fake "Zero Dark Thirty" audition completely nails it.

Comedian Chelsea Davison plays Dunham as a CIA agent who reverts to fake therapy-speak when frustrated with the man she's interrogating ("I don't see you hearing me") and who's tone-deaf in all those satisfying, "Girls"-y ways. Her subject's silence is "literally torturing me -- and yes, I do realize now that in this situation, that choice of words might have been a little inappropriate."


And, yes, there's some easy stuff here, too: Dunham's character strips down and eats what looks like a chocolate-chip muffin.

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