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Was a rapper sexually assaulted onstage?

The rumor was retweeted ad infinitum: Last week, a popular rapper got a blow job onstage from a female fan during a show in Minneapolis. When someone tweeted at the artist in question to ask if the rumor was true, he -- or someone using his Twitter handle -- responded, "and didn’t miss one bar." As the tale jumped from Twitter to various music blogs, the boastful tweet was deleted, but the buzz continued. Some virtually high-fived the rapper, while others found it just another story about misogyny and objectification of women in hip-hop. But today, rapper Kitty Pryde, who is currently on tour with the rapper in question and witnessed the incident in person, wrote a blog post reframing it as sexual assault. "It was an actual sexual assault, and somehow nobody gives a fuck about that but me," wrote Pryde, who refers to the rapper as her "best friend."

As you can probably tell, I've decided to not name the rapper. It isn't difficult to figure out who he is, of course, but it seems a matter of principle to keep his name out of this article. After all, we're talking about an incident that at least one person is calling a sexual assault, and which Pryde argues involved reverse sexism and double standards when it comes to sexual assault.

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