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Was I a bad retail employee?


Some time ago I held a job at a small-town independent retailer. I had happily worked there for around 18 months when it rather abruptly changed hands. I had gotten along very well with the first owner and was sad to see the end of an era, yet excited, as I understood the incoming owner to be young, ambitious and creative.

About three months after the new owner hired me, she received a phone call from an upset customer complaining that I had acted "disinterested" and "condescending" during my encounter with her. The customer also stated she did not wish to patronize the store should I be on the clock.

My boss handled the situation very well. She had a very honest, courteous discussion with me about the situation and left my fate up to me. She said I could remain an employee with a concerted effort to improve my social skills or leave.

Shocked and embarrassed, I left.

To this day I do not know the identity of the customer nor have I been notified of a specific circumstance, comment, date or point of sale with which I offended her. But that's not the point.

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