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The war on the right… could come from GOP!

First things first, let's stipulate that if there's a government shutdown at the end of the month -- and I continue to doubt there will be -- it will happen because House Speaker John Boehner chooses to precipitate one.

He can always partner with Democrats to pass a temporary, uncontroversial government spending bill if he wants to, because almost all Democrats will vote for it, and there are still a few dozen Republicans in the House who are both sane and unintimidated by the threat of a primary challenge from the right.

Whatever happens is his decision. The latest doomed-to-fail idea floating around top GOP circles is that leadership should try to trick rank and file Republicans into voting to fund the government by passing a larded-up debt limit increase first -- even though the debt limit deadline is a few weeks off -- and pretending they won't cave on it later.

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