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Wall Street Journal gets a D in feminism

This just in from the Wall Street Journal: It's so cute when girls want to go college. Bonus: That's where the husbands are! The paper of record for rich white men has been taking an active interest in the matriculation habits of females of late, and the impression it would like you to have sure isn't one that suggests anything resembling academic ambition or intellectual qualification.

First, there was the head-scratchingly nonsensical, Liz Wurtzel-level self-indulgent tantrum that the paper ran over the weekend, by high school senior Suzy Lee Weiss. Weiss' qualifications for gaining the editorial real estate for an open letter "To (All) the Colleges That Rejected Me" in the Journal? Being the "sassy" sister of former Wall Street Journal editorial features editor Bari Weiss, and having a conniption that she "failed to get into the colleges" of her dreams.

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