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Wall Street firm’s “Golden Pitchbook” is totally sexist, full of lies

An internal document, known as the "Golden Pitchbook" to senior brokers at John Thomas Financial, has been leaked and it is very, very sexist.

The document, given to top young brokers at the financial firm, is a script on how to pitch stocks to prospective clients; it deviates considerably from the company's stock script, which is far more bland and less legally dubious. “It’s secret, privileged information,” a former employee told BuzzFeed. “Some people at the firm don’t even know about it.”

The pitches range from the overtly sexist to the plainly misleading, but each relies on bizarre mind games and high school-style bullying to "close" with a client. Basically, it confirms everything everyone already thought about Wall Street guys being misogynists and compulsive liars. Surprise!

Excerpts from the guide, obtained by Mariah Summers at Buzzfeed:

"Don't pitch the bitch"

According to the source, if a prospective client tells a broker that he (the ideal JTF client is always a man, naturally) wants to speak to his wife before committing to a stock, the broker is instructed to make the prospect feel like a total wimp for it:

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