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On “The Walking Dead,” Tyreese mourns and quarantine begins

I read somewhere that, in the original "The Walking Dead" comic book, the character of Tyreese plays a much bigger part in the overall narrative, that he is more of a right hand man to Rick than Daryl. As gratifying as it may have been to see the wonderful actor Chad Coleman ("The Wire") with more  screen time, I doubt there's too many fans who wish Norman Reedus had less. As the crossbow-wielding Daryl, Reedus' particular brand of kick-ass southern hospitality is one of the more visceral thrills of the program. And, personally, I think the show's creators have finally found a far more effective -- if counterintuitive -- use for Coleman's size and formidable presence than as simply an enforcer.

Last week, Tyreese discovered that the woman he'd come to love had been murdered, cruelly burnt alive for the crime of being ill. This week, rather than blindly seek retribution for this injustice, he stands, towering over Karen's charred body and begs the powers that be -- such as they are -- to do what's right. When the big man does finally lash out, overcome with grief and fury, he is quickly and violently subdued by Rick, a man far smaller but way more indoctrinated into the vicious world they all now inhabit.

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