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“The Walking Dead”: Fall’s best premiere yet!

Think back to early Season 3, when the Governor first threw open the double doors of his modest estate and welcomed Andrea and Michonne to Woodbury. The two harried women had been wandering in the walker-infested wilderness for seven months witnessing all manner of death, undeath and despair. The Governor led them into the quaint but heavily guarded little town of his creation and offered them food, water, clothing, shelter -- bona fide Southern hospitality. And he made them a promise, one that should have seemed absurd after all the pair had seen and lived through. In a world where the deceased rise to eat the living and many of the living remain so only by following their basest instincts, his claim could not be more implausible. The Governor said, "You're safe here." And, against all reason, Andrea bought it.

I remember thinking her a fool for buying into this notion of a post-apocalyptic return to normalcy, that society and civility could somehow be reclaimed from the mouths of flesh-eating corpses. Miles away, Rick and the rest of Andrea's former associates were surviving the only way anyone could be expected to in this grave new world: scavenging, sleeping light, holing up in a cold but defensible prison, staying vigilant against outsiders. They had learned their lesson about settling down after Hershel's farm was so violently overrun in Season 2.

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