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Wal-Mart labor group promises 1,500 Black Friday protests next week

The group behind the past year’s Wal-Mart strikes pledged Thursday to back an unprecedented 1,500 protests for “Black Friday” next week, but stopped short of predicting an increase in the number of Wal-Mart employees on strike compared to last year.

“Americans across the country are hearing us, and they are saying that they too want Wal-Mart to change,” Colorado Wal-Mart employee Barbara Gertz told reporters on a mid-day call. Gertz is an activist with the non-union worker group OUR Walmart, which is closely tied to the United Food & Commercial Workers union. As Salon first reported, OUR Walmart began mounting Wal-Mart work stoppages last fall, following five decades entirely free of coordinated Wal-Mart walkouts in the United States. Columbia political scientist Dorian Warren told reporters on OUR Walmart’s call that just as strikers after World War Two turned General Motors from “the embodiment of all that was wrong with our economy” into a corporation which “eventually represented the American dream of upward mobility,” Wal-Mart strikers were now facing down a company which “represents the death of the American dream.” Wal-Mart did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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