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Wait, N.H. police chiefs are raffling an assault rifle like Adam Lanza’s?

A New Hampshire police chief is outragedthat an AR-15-style rifle -- the same type of gun used by Adam Lanza in the Newtown school massacre -- is being auctioned off in a statewide fundraiser.

Even more outrageous: the auction is being run by the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police for its cadet training program.

Nicholas J. Giaccone Jr., the Hanover, N.H., chief of police, toldthe New York Times that he cursed at his computer when he Googled the Ruger SR-556C, one of 31 guns the organization (along with two New Hampshire gun makers) is raffling.

"It's an assault rifle," Giaccone said.

Many state lawmakers and gun-control supporters are also stunned that a law enforcement organization would get behind a fundraiser involving guns like this so close after Sandy Hook and during a divisive national debate over gun control. But organizers don't see the problem -- and some supporters even charge critics with playing politics.

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