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Vine: The future of sex?

As Twitter's new video-sharing app battles the inevitable proliferation of porn, I can't help wondering what Vine could mean for the future of sexting and amateur smut. (I mean, aside from the prospect of an annoying new portmanteau to describe the act of digitally sharing naked media.) This question is admittedly a bit premature -- Vine, which limits clips to six seconds, doesn't offer a way to privately and directly share videos -- but it's easy to imagine such a development, if not on the part of the app's makers than by some enterprising tech vulture. And while the app has begun blocking searches for terms like "sex" and "NSFW," presumably to avoid violating Apple's puritanical standards, loads of X-rated material is still available; it's just harder to find. (One must know which accounts to follow, or get creative with keyword and username searches.) There's already at least one independent NSFW site compiling naughty vines, and the app's only been around for a few days.

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