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Is Victoria’s Secret targeting teens?

Victoria’s Secret is coming under attack for its new “Bright Young Things” campaign advertising a Spring Break-themed line featuring undies emblazoned with slogans like “dare you,” “wild,” “feeling lucky” and “call me.” (Victoria’s Secret doing something tacky? I am shocked, you guys.) More than 2,000 people have signed a petition for the company to shut down the campaign and pull the collection from shelves. Diana Cherry, the mother of four who started the campaign, wrote in the petition that she was “appalled that Victoria's Secret is aiming its marketing reach younger and younger.” She argues:

Children are not sex objects; children are not things. Middle schoolers are not old enough to make responsible, safe decisions about sex. This marketing sends the message, ‘the younger, the better,’ which harms young girls’ self-esteem and pressures them into engaging in risky sexual behavior before they are ready to make informed, consenting decisions about sex and their bodies.

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