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The very original “Felt,” a puppet-enacted reality TV show

2013 isn’t half over, but the most creative reality TV show of the year has already premiered. "Felt,” which began Monday night on Logo, takes the audio from real couples therapy session and re-enacts it — with puppets.  As the New York Times instructed over the weekend, “think Bert and Ernie, but in couple’s therapy, and real.” 24 couples were given free therapy sessions in exchange for agreeing to have those sessions taped, but only the audio. The result is an exceedingly adorable show about troubled and disintegrating relationships.

By using puppets “Felt” has drastically reduced the skeezy voyeurism inherent in a series about sex therapy. There is much sex talk and even sex on "Felt," but of all the things puppets can do— and apologies to Miss Piggy—  they cannot be sexy. The kind of person who would agree to have his or her couples therapy session taped and then played out by puppets, his or her identity largely protected, does not have the same will-to-15-minutes-of-fame as a person who wants to, themselves, be on camera. There's nothing particularly salacious, sordid, or invasive happening here.

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