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Two Canadians freed from Egyptian jail

In a weekend that saw around 50 Egyptians die in clashes between supporters of ousted president Monammed Morsi and those in support of the current army-backed government, there was a slither of light for two Canadians imprisoned and abused in Egyptian prison. Takek Loubani and John Greyson -- whose brutal detentionI covered last week -- were set free Sunday following pressure from international powers and rhizomatic support network.

However, the two men -- one an emergency medic, one a celebrated filmmaker -- were stopped at the border and refused exit from Egypt. The AP reported:

Greyson's sister, Cecilia, told the Associated Press that Canadian consular officials were dealing with what she called "red tape" so they could begin their trip back to Canada.

"Until they are safely back in Canada we are just going to be a little bit on edge," she said. "We've had contact with them throughout the day today. We're relieved they are out of prison. We're immensely encouraged by that."

She said the two were in a safe location waiting patiently to get out. They have been in regular contact via phone and email, she said.

She said the the pair were surprised when a guard swung open their cell door and led them to freedom because they had no clue that they were being released.

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