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Twitter slams Oscars host Seth MacFarlane

If you watched any part of the Oscars tonight, logged on to Twitter, or have ever heard of the host, Seth MacFarlane, then you already know that tonight's ceremony was filled with awkward (William Shatner dialed in to suggest MacFarlane would be named the “Worst Oscars Host Ever” tomorrow) and offensive (the violence in "Django Unchained" makes it a great date movie for Chris Brown and Rihanna) jokes.

But you still would have been surprised by just howawkward, bizarre and offensive the night was, as these people were:

[embed_tweet id="305854897436385283"]

[embed_tweet id="305871680033677313"]

[embed_tweet id="305870260609892352"]

[embed_tweet id="305871751072591872"]

[embed_tweet id="305871671401795585"]

[embed_tweet id="305870728060870656"]

[embed_tweet id="305843236637921280"]

[embed_tweet id="305852815291588609"]

Some of them were so annoyed that they wanted MacFarlane to get punched in the face:

[embed_tweet id="305873003370123264"]

[embed_tweet id="305873071254933504"]

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