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The tweet hereafter

Ours is a generation obsessed with sharing every thought, feeling and brunch picture on social media. And now we never have to stop. Not even when we're dead.

The London-based ad team at Lean Mean Fighting Machine has introduced an "artificial intelligence experiment" called LivesOn. A program that will let Twitter users, well, live on through their account.

In order to distill information about your tastes, interests and "voice," the program analyzes your tweets while you're still alive. But once LivesOn learns enough about your social media style, it will begin posting updates independently to your new feed. Your followers can "favorite" the tweets that they like, providing even more informational feedback to the Twitter bot, helping it sound even more like "you."

Then, after you have tweeted your last and taken off for that big Google Hangout in the sky, your account's "executor" will decide whether or not to keep it active. Really, the tag line says it all: "When your heart stops beating, you'll keep tweeting."

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