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TV characters are invading our lives!

For some reason, I was preparing for the new season of "Breaking Bad" by listening to The Lovin’ Spoonful — I make no apologies — on Spotify, when that overeager voice of the Spotify promoter tumbled out of my headphones. The commercial was for "Breaking Bad" playlists, ones “created” by Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and the like. I laughed, imagining flip phone-carrying Walter White taking a moment from building a methamphetamine dynasty to toss his favorite tunes on a playlist. Then I just kept jamming to “Summer in the City,” not giving it another thought.

After all, television characters bleeding into our “real” lives is part of the media-saturated experience of being alive these days, and it’s certainly part of the modern television-fandom experience. Walter White has a Spotify playlist. Meredith from "The Office" tweets. Randy from "My Name is Earl" had a blog."Arrested Development’"s Oscar Bluth had a blog. Et cetera.

“The second-screen experience is something people in Hollywood are constantly talking about,” says Andy Greenwald, novelist, screenwriter and staff writer for “Some of them are inspired, some are terrible; but they never really try to make them make sense.”

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