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Trust Me on This: Social media is not your friend!

I think the best advice is to organize your time to get the most out of your day. Be meticulous about it, focus in and don’t let any distractions take you away from achieving your goal. I learned that from [Hall of Fame basketball coach] Larry Brown, who told me there are so many things that will get you distracted; stay on your course of achieving your goal.

Let’s take my industry. If I were on a three-game losing streak, the entire social media would be coming up with excuses – playing the blame game. I wouldn’t subscribe to any of that. I’d block all of that out. I would be very cordial to the media, answer all of their questions, but I wouldn’t allow myself to turn on a call-in radio show or to read a newspaper that comes up with answers that they don’t really understand, because they aren’t around the team on a daily basis the way I am.

I would give credit to the teams that beat us, stay focused on getting better each day, and wait for a run that we’re going to have. I’d stay totally focused in on achieving the positive, and not paying attention to the cynics. Block them out! You cannot get distracted. Paying attention to criticism will make you lose focus. Stay focused on your journey only.

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