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Trust Me on This: How Jamie Moyer conquered his fear of failure — and won 269 major-league games

I had success on the field but I always had people doubting me. Telling me that I couldn’t do things.

Then I made it to the big leagues and for the first time, I just wasn't sure which way I was going for the first five years of my major-league career. Really, I thought I might be finished. But in 1991 I read Harvey Dorfman's book "The Mental Game of Baseball." I thought I understood that book quite well -- until I spent two and a half days at Harvey's home.

A lot of pro athletes and major leaguers would resist talking to someone like this. But I was struggling in my career and I felt like I better try something. I had to do something. The book intrigued me and interested me. I thought, why not? Let's try this. So I went out and spent time with him and really found it beneficial.

It started at the airport when we met and drove out to his home. He asked me point-blank questions -- and I was probably quite negative with some of my responses. You know, "I can't do this." "I struggle with that." "I'm not good at this." And right then and there he says, "That's part of your problem. You have to change your thought processes."

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