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The trolls come out for Amanda Berry

Just a few months ago, Amanda Berry was the missing girl. She disappeared in April of 2003, on the day before her 17th birthday. And then she – along with Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight -- spent a decade imprisoned and repeatedly abused. But this past May, she escaped with a 911 call in which she declared, "I've been kidnapped and I've been missing for 10 years, and I'm, I'm here. I'm free now." Her actions were brave, her ordeal unimaginable. But proving the trolls rest for no one – not even a woman who survived a sustained horror – the bozos have now decided to police how she should be handling her survivorship.

Over the weekend, Berry made her first public appearance since her escape this spring. At Cleveland's annual RoverFest, WMMS radio host Shane "Rover" French told the crowd, "I want you to give this person a bigger round of applause and cheer than me, anyone on the show, any of the acts that are here. I'm going to bring out a family that you probably know." And then, acknowledging her very recent past, he said, "I told her she had a little bit of time to make up on the partying, and you guys would help her out tonight." Berry, surrounded by friends and family, came out waving and smiling, and later returned to dance on the stage when rapper Nelly called her back to dedicate a song to her. It was just one day after her accused captor Ariel Castro entered a guilty plea to 900 criminal counts, "including kidnapping, rape and attempted murder," a plea that will carry a prison sentence of life without parole. 

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