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Top 10 reasons sex is good for you

When news broke this week that sex actually makes us smarter, the collective Internet did a cartoon double-take. Sex is supposed to make us lose our minds, not grow them. Lust turns us into beasts, not rocket scientists, right?

Besides, how could something so good be good for you? It’s like calling Chunky Monkey ice cream nutritious or TMZ educational. It violates an essential code of the universe: the inverse relationship between what feels good and what is good. This is why guilty pleasures exist! What next, we don’t have to feel bad about watching “The Bachelor”?

Well, prepare to have your guilt-compass busted. Sex is good for you -- and it goes far beyond just boosting brain power. Behold, the top 10 reasons the horizontal tango is great medicine, according to actual scientific research. Feel free to bust out these talking points during Bible study or your next purity ball. There's just no arguing with, "But it prevents cancer!"

It’s legit exercise

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